2013 Sensing the Cosmos Collaboration Tools

Sharing skills

To be able to interact with others about the exploration we'll do this week, it would be helpful for you to have most or all of these tools in your collaboration toolbox. (You may want to suggest other tools as we explore.)

Take cellphone images and email them to Flickr:
school61way@photos.flickr.com. Access those images here.

Import images from an image server (like Flickr or Picassa) and write about them on a wiki page.

Capture still images ("screengrabs") from a computer using Jing or Grab.

Create screencasts (dynamic screen content with audio) using Jing.

Post screengrabs and screencasts to a wiki page.

Comment on other people's posts.

Hyperlink out from posts to other wiki pages or elsewhere on the web.

Embed video or other widgets to a wiki page.