2013-07-19_1000The final product after making my comet.2013-07-19_0946I had a little free time.2013-07-18_13162013-07-16_13342013-07-18_1549picture of cms dimuon data found at
http://cms.michianastem.org/summer2013intro I was wondering why is most of the data clustered together at the bottom of the graph but only a few pieces of data at the bottom of the graph.
2013-07-18_1523picture of a 3-D interactive model of a CMS found on

http://htwins.net/scale2/http://htwins.net/scale2/ t+2.897x10to the power of 7 k a divided by delta maz

the small root is about 0.07 mm

Galileo was the first to use a telescope for space.

when the sun's ray hit earth they are multiple colors but if you look more closely you see that in some spaces colors are missing and in there place there are black lines those lines are there because when the sun hits the atmosphere photons react to the sun light blocking out some colors and replace them with black lines resulting in a missing rainbow. I think that because of the chemicals in the atmosphere not only block out light and heat.

One thing that I have worked on is exploring light and sound applets one of my favorites was a oscillating Membrane applet in this applet you change 3-D graph by touching squares on a 2-D graph2013-07-17_1541
a artichoke 3 feather B googles 2 star fish 1 binoculars