2013-07-11_1156why does the red go on the outsides and the blue go on the inside instead of them mixing together??? Where i got it
2013-07-11_1031mist off of water bottle.
2013-07-10_1038who likes the design??? Where i got i
2013-07-10_1126who's scared???? Where i got it
2013-07-10_1026this is a picture of comet ison at sunset. Where i got it
2013-07-10_0844this is another picture of a flowers vanes and this particular part of the flower is one of the many leafs.
2013-07-10_0755flower bud
.2013-07-10_0756flower bud close up.
2013-07-10_0752the vane of a leaf.
2013-07-10_0451this is an astronomical image.Where i got it
2013-07-09_1044this is the grand canyon, i got this from google earth.
2013-07-09_0838eye see you everywhere you go...hahaha Where i got it
2013-07-09_0839eye see you everywhere you go...hahaha Where i got it
2013-07-09_0716this is the state of liberty Were i got it
.2013-07-09_0722this is the grand canyon sure the water fall might not be true but the canyon sure is and when people say its huge, do you believe them or not, well you should because its huge. Where i got it
2013-07-09_0712this is another picture of the eiffel tower but at night. Where i got it
2013-07-09_0709this is also the eiffel tower but its alive and its cartoon style. Where i got it
2013-07-09_0924this is and agn galaxy.Where i got it
2013-07-09_0659this is the eiffel tower. Where i got it
2013-07-09_0525this is a picture of an astronomical image that i designed
.2013-07-09_0623this is the Taj Mahal, i got this picture from google earth.