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Quantum foam is cool. According to the spacetime theory its the foundation of the fabric of the universe.
All the planets and objects in space make "dents" in the quantum foam. in fact, when two giant objects collide in
space, it apparently makes gravity waves in the quantum foam To see the website of the group that searches for
gravity waves, click here

Picked up this image on google sky

Did you know...a lot of people think there is only one belt in the sky, the astroid belt.
but really, there are two belts, the astroid belt and the kuiper belt (KY-PER), as shown
in the image below. The kuiper belt is shaped like an ellipse more than a circle and is
made up of materials that can be found in comets, including frozen water, ammonia,
and hydrocarbs.

Did you a million years or so, Earth could have junk rings! Space junk is
floating just outside the atmosphere. When broken satallites or large junk crashes
into the small space junk and breaks into many pieces. Over time, Earths gravity
could pull the trash into rings.


Cool scientists in history
Galileo is awesome!
He lived in Italy in the late 15 hundreds and had many achievements, like finding some of Jupiters moons.
He believed in the heliocentric theory, which was disapproved back then. he published The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass.

Did you know that a comet is passing by earth very soon? The comet ISON is a sun-grazer that will be visible with telescopes around thanksgiving

to put the universe in scale click here
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whats the difference between red and blue

stuff under a microscope


beetle video